We have been baking ducks and chicken thighs for many years.
Our product range is currently shipped mainly to restaurants in Germany.​

These are pre-cooked, boneless duck halves and pre-cooked, boneless chicken thigs marinated with our spice mix, which gives the meat a delicious Asian flavor.

We offer products for retail, wholesale and restaurants.

For retail we pack individual halves of duck, chicken thighs are packed in two pieces, which are labeled with the date of manufacture and are supplied to the retail store in a chilled state.

For restaurants and wholesale, duck halves and chicken thighs are packed in cartons and are supplied frozen. Each package is always calibrated.

Chicken thighs are packed in one carton of four 10 Kg vacuum bags.

Duck halves are packed in six vacuum bags in one carton from 10 Kg to 15 Kg according to calibration. There are 32 to 36 duck halves in a carton.


Production process

Frozen poultry is folded from the truck into a shelf room where it gradually thaws. The room is specially adapted to hygiene standards, as our entire production. Subsequently, the meat is cleaned and marinating in an injection molding machine from Rhüle. Asian spices are injected. Spices are our original blend.

Furthermore, cold marinating is carried out in a special massage machine from Rühle. The meat is massaged under pressure under vacuum at + 4 ° C for 35 min. In the machine, the meat is massaged and marinated in a mixture of Asian spices.

The meat is then hung on hooks and marinated in boiling solution, also with Asian spices. It only cooks for 3-4 minutes.

The meat is then stacked on special trolleys, which are transported to special ovens from Rational.

After roasting (duck 55 min and chicken 35 min at 180 °C) the trolleys are exported and the meat is allowed to cool completely. Subsequently the ducks are boned and then vacuum packed according to calibration.

Chicken thighs are boned in their raw state. Subsequently, the meat in the cartons is placed in a shock device which freezes the meat to -40 °C in a short time. Subsequently, the meat is transferred to freezers, where the temperature is -19 °C.
There are skeletons left of the ducks, which are suitable for making amazing duck broth. Skeletons are also part of our offer. Their packaging depends on the order.
Retail products are not frozen, but are either shipped directly by our vehicles or stored in refrigerated boxes.

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